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Two Types of Hoodia Gordonii Scams

The exploding popularity of Hoodia Gordonii has spawned thousands of scammers jumping into the market to try and take advantage of the craze. There are basically 2 types of Hoodia Gordonii Scams:
  1. “Free Trials” that are not really free. You are unknowingly signed up for a subscription that charges you $85 or more per month. And it is nearly impossible to cancel!Read more about free trial scams here.
  2. Mixing the Hoodia plant’s roots into the materials, thus eliminating the effective chemical materials that allow Hoodia Gordonii to suppress one’s appetite. The hoodia plants roots do not have any appetite suppressing qualities.
The good news is, the hoodia gordonii Diet does work!
Hoodia is so publicized these days it almost has to work and many do believe in its effectiveness.

The products sold from reliable companies have garnered effective results, as long as it’s a genuine hoodia product containing appreciable quantity of real pure hoodia and not a fake one. As far as results from real hoodia are concerned - Those in the fitness industry have dubbed the product astounding. As well, there are many people who claim it helped a lot in controlling their appetite.

Clinical studies have shown that obese people can reduce their caloric intake by 30 to 40% and therefore significantly improve their weight loss chances if they are given significant amount of pure hoodia. The supplement does seem to be pretty effective when used properly.

Here is my story:

Back in the winter of 2006 I was just getting back to running to try and lose the 30 extra pounds I had gained after architecture school, but it was really hurting my knees. Then a fellow doctor who is also a nutritionalist turned me on to UniqueHoodia Pills. All the talk about antioxidant this, and that, didn’t really mean much to me, but I trusted my friend and gave it a try. Well, what do you know – within a week, my joints did start to feel a LOT better. So, I kept taking the pills, running and starting to loose weight.

The more I learned the better it gets

Then I started reading about how UniqueHoodia is being used by all these hollywood celebrities as a DIET aid. Then I saw a commercial on CBS and ABC.

I did A LOT of research and found a site with the best prices AND guaranteed return policy is: ( Use this discount code they put in the package with my last order to GET 10% OFF! a 4 month order. Just enter UHCR10 or SNAC10 at checkout. ). It'll work trust me. It has worked for 5 of my buddies.

I got some UniqueHoodia pills and started taking 2 of those in the afternoon. That helped keep me from getting hungry late in the day and hitting the junk food machine at work.

Kick the Hoodia Gordonii Diet up a notch!

At this point, I had a good supply, so I began taking 2 more pills late in the day, which helped me avoid late night snacking. Now the pounds were dropping! I lost nearly 10 pounds that month, and 12 the second month. I was pretty close to my target (what I weighed after architecture school). I did gain a few pounds when I pigged out on vacation, but by the 4 month I got below my target weight and haven’t really struggled to stay there since I started on the unique hoodia diet.

How about you?

If you need to get in shape, daily exercise is definitely the number one thing on the list, but I also believe the UniqueHoodia pills really did the trick for me. I am not running so much these days, but do walk at lunch when the schedule permits, and bike ride on days off. And every morning I drink some FibreTrim weight loss drink (which i wont get into right now but its AMAZING! You can get it at, and take two uniquehoodia pills twice a day with a BIG glass of water. I am careful but not obsessive, about what I eat. That’s it.

A lot of what I learned about the benefits of hoodia gordonii is from, so you can go there if you want all the details, but I copied most of the important stuff below:

Have you ever checked the ingredients of a supposedly ‘pure’ hoodia product only to find it contains a lot more than just Hoodia Gordonii? Well, UniqueHoodia is different, our pills contain nothing but 100% pure Hoodia.

This makes it completely safe and natural for you to take day in, day out until you achieve your ideal weight. Unlike so many hoodia pills, we do not add any fillers, binders or additives so you are getting exactly what you wanted – appetite suppressing hoodia and nothing else.

Read more about pure hoodia by


  1. The tribal populations of the desert of Kalahari Hoodia have eaten hoodia for hundreds of years. In the desert there is always a lack of food and water. The San Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert eat the Hoodia succulent plant by picking off a piece before a hunting trip or period of time they know they won’t have much food to eat. By consuming Hoodia they ensured that they will not be hungry for the entire day. This of course is very helpful when you are living in the desert and the availability of food is very scarce.

    When the scientists heard people speaking of the potential of the hoodia plant, they got curious of course. A group of British scientists then travelled to Africa to investigate the rumors of this plant Hoodia Gordonii. What they found was a powerful suppressor of the appetite that was called a miracle even by some fitness experts. Demand of Hoodia skyrocketed and many companies started on with the selling of hoodia products and to attract the consumers, various forms and kinds of products were manufactured.

    When Hoodia started to become popular as an appetite suppressant, demand was high and there was a sudden shortage of raw material. So, the South African Hoodia suppliers, began supplying counterfeit material containing the hoodia plant-roots, silica, leaves and other filler stuff. So, eventually, a lot of companies that you see online selling hoodia pills are actually making false claims about their true hoodia content.

    There are thirteen species of Hoodia which are available in Southern Africa but only “Gordonii” has the desirable natural components for losing weight. You have to realize that there are many scam artists out there and if one buys the contemptible fake hoodia pills or products sold by general mass out of their place that one sees on EBAY, and in the Yahoo and Google ads one will not get the desired results. There are only a few hoodia products that get the job done!Also beware of any website that lists a number of hoodia diet pills companies and then gives them a rating. Such tactic is employed by companies trying to increase their reputation and placing self serving hoodia products recommendations at the top of the list. Too bad, many people fall on to such scams.
  2. Any intelligent consumer should avoid Hoodia patches. Why not, the Hoodia diet patch?

    Most of the Hoodia diet patch products that we have seen, say their product is more effective than hoodia pills or capsules, as they enter your blood faster, without passing through the stomach, and therefore provide faster and better results. Such claims are very similar to other patches sold online like such as the famous nicotine patch or birth control patch. The theory of the ingredients passing into blood stream directly is vague and the results of such products are not clinically proven. As a result, there is no evidence that hoodia patch works, let alone work better than hoodia pills and capsules, regardless of what some of these manufactures of hoodia patches say. Most of them are making unethical unproven claims. Some companies have gone to the extent that consumers need a prescription to “buy” a hoodia patch and they provide free consultation and prescription online after making you fill some forms. These all are marketing tactics: just to look authentic. The fact is:- Hoodia, unlike viagra, isn’t a drug and does not require a prescription.

    Secondly, The Sans Bushmen, the tribe in southern Africa (who have been using hoodia for thousands of years to control their hunger and first discovered its properties) has always eaten the hoodia species : cut a piece of the plant, skin and eat the hoodia kernel to suppress appetite. What would be closer to what the Sans Bushmen do: stick a patch on the body or swallowing a capsule that has ingredients of the Hoodia plant ?

    Thirdly Phytopharm, the company that owns the patent rights for the active ingredient in Hoodia gordonii, called P57, (which was part of clinical double-blind, placebo-controlled study on Hoodia and this component) is an extract from Hoodia gordonii - and NOT a component in any hoodia patch.

    In short, the possibility of getting scammed when you are trying to buy hoodia diet patch increases manifold. The bottom line is:- go for the hoodia gordonii diet pills and the pills that helped me were uniquehoodia.
Further Actions you can take to avoid Hoodia scams

1. Call your credit card company and dispute the charges if ever you experience scam. Any cheap hoodia product be it any form like spray, patches, gums must be avoided.

2. See whether a hoodia product is authenticated by a current verifiable Independent Lab Report (almost always performed by labs like Alkemists Pharmceuticals) verifying the origin and quality of the hoodia in the product. Learn more about CITES certificate.

3. Avoid any product that lists fillers, additives, bulking agents and any active ingredients other than hoodia.

4. Beware of FREE TRIAL offers for hoodia presently being blasted with email campaigns allover the Internet. These are all promotional gimmicks and many are outright SCAMS. By accepting the free offer, you agree to receive hoodia products on an ongoing basis regardless of they work for you or not and your credit card will be automatically charged every month without you initiating the purchase.

5. Select an established company that has a toll free number to ask questions, or place order, a physical address, independent testing of their products for purity,contaminants, a good refund policy,a customer service phone number, not just an email address.

6. Last but not least, tell us about any hoodia product that you tried and how it went. For submitting reviews or for any other questions, please leave a comment so everyone who reads this page can know which services to trust and no to trust.
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